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“An hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing.”
– Dale Carnegie


VWA produces some of the most comprehensive and highly detailed strategies on the planet. Our strategies are science-driven and backed by emperical data. If you want a truly competitive edge crafted by world-class marketing experts, order your custom strategy today.

A Highly Competitive Landscape

Having the right strategy and plan in place is essential to achieving success online. It’s important to first understand your target audience, their preferences, needs, interests, and buying habits so that you can craft an effective campaign. Once you know who you’re targeting, you need to decide what channels best fit your overall goals. This will help you prioritize the most effective strategies and tactics to reach those goals. Additionally, understanding market trends can provide invaluable insight into how to best position yourself in terms of message, branding, pricing and more.

Strategy and planning also play a critical role when it comes to budgeting. By having a detailed roadmap of your objectives and activities, you can better anticipate costs associated with each step along the way. Additionally, being able to measure your progress over time will enable you to make adjustments as necessary in order to stay on track.

Overall, having an established strategy and plan are key components for achieving success in digital marketing. A comprehensive plan should include everything from the consumer journey through targeted channels all the way up to data-driven insights that help guide decision-making along the way.

Taking these steps ahead of time will set your campaign up for success both now and down the line.

Strategy Order Deliverables

All strategies include a comprehensive 20 page report, walk through video, action item spreadsheet, path to success document and the following.

  • 20 Page Report
  • Walk Through Video
  • 2 Hours of Live Consulting
  • Data Sources
  • Example of Strategy in Play
  • Recommended Tasks in Google Sheets
  • 360° Strategy & Unique Approach
  • Timeline, Milestones & Deliverables
  • Strategy Risk Analysis
  • ROI Calculator Tool
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • No-Obligation Quote for Execution
  • List of Qualified and Vetted Vendors
  • List of  Tools to Execute the Strategy

Strategy & Planning FAQs

What is a strategy and planning service?

A strategy and planning service is a comprehensive approach to creating a roadmap for a business’s success. This service includes conducting market research, identifying the target audience, defining the business goals and objectives, and developing a plan to achieve them.

Why is strategy and planning important?

A strategy and planning service is essential for companies because it provides a clear direction and purpose. Without a well-defined plan, businesses may struggle to achieve their goals, and their efforts may be wasted. A strategy and planning service helps businesses stay focused, track their progress, and make informed decisions.

What does a strategy and planning service include?

At Vegas Web Agency, our strategy and planning service includes the following:

  • Market research and analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Target audience identification
  • Business goals and objectives definition
  • Developing a customized action plan
  • Ongoing support and management
How does VWA approach strategy and planning?

At Vegas Web Agency, we approach strategy and planning with a data-driven approach. Our team of experts uses the latest tools and techniques to gather and analyze data, identify trends, and make informed decisions. We believe that by combining data with creativity, we can deliver effective strategies and plans that drive results.

What makes VWA’s strategy and planning services unique?

At Vegas Web Agency, we are committed to delivering an individually-tailored experience for our clients with results-driven strategies and planning services. Our team of experts has years of experience and a proven track record of success. We use a customized approach for each client, taking into consideration their unique needs and goals. Additionally, our team provides ongoing support and management to ensure that the plan is executed effectively and results are achieved.

Example –  E-Commerce Marketing Strategy

Below is an example of just one of the many documents that come standard with each strategy. This particular break out is part of an e-commerce strategy and includes a walk-through video as well as a comprehensive quote and itemized list of tasks, organized by module, complete with time and budget recommendations. Below are the module titles and brief descriptions to convey the amount of strategy and insight delivered.

7 Core Modules

Funnel Design and Marketing Automation Engineering

Our team will consult clients in an effort to plan your marketing funnel and user paths to conversion. We refer to this practice as funnel design and marketing automation engineering. A number of factors are taken into consideration during this phase of the project. Our goal in the funnel design and planning phase is to produce the most efficient and quality user experience for your website’s visitors by way of thoughtful design that is easily navigated. It will put your best content forward while instilling a sense of confidence in your visitors that their experience with your online presence will be as consistent and congruent as their experience with your high-quality products. The internet offers a powerful medium to convey a brand’s image, brand experience, and brand voice. We intend to create a special and memorable experience that does the heavy lifting for your shopping cart so that when visitors land there – they convert at the highest possible ratio. We are familiar with how to engineer a powerful user journey and funnel that will attract, nurture, and qualify leads that immediately convert to revenue. This module ensures design and engineering that is reflective of your brand voice and leverages user flow design to accomplish a sophisticated and predictable set of marketing outcomes.

Campaign Design – UI/UX & Comps

With your existing brand assets clearly defined (logos, typography, product names and designs and color schemes), our team will combine these resources to produce a dynamic user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) across all assets.

Leveraging the latest in web technologies (CSS, Javascript, PHP, MYSQL, and HTML5), our team will produce a separate and stand-alone marketing website and web pages consistent with some of the biggest brands online. Our artful and functional front-end design in combination with a thoughtful user experience will drive performance and conversions to meet your marketing objectives.

With Google’s recent rollout of its “mobile first” indexing, our design and development team will deliver an exceptional experience on mobile, tablet, and desktop environments. This won’t just be another website though – this will be a marketing automation system and shopping cart that drives leads, nurtures, and converts them using some of the most powerful strategies that technology affords.

Best of all, the major search engines will be able to crawl, index, and rank your website and its pages in prominent positions. Our UI/UX design includes a multi-discipline approach across modern technologies, SEO, and UX best practices to drive conversions.

Our approach to UI/UX for this project will resemble the clean and simple, yet successful brand identities of other leaders in your space. We’ll do this by way of creating memorable online experiences with an audience that we build and convert to paying customers. More importantly – in this plan, we intend to create a referral system to extract even more value from each new customer.

High-quality customers know more high-quality customers. We are keenly aware of this simple truth and plan to create a dynamic, such that your best customers refer their friends, colleagues, and family members to enjoy your products as well. Part of this plan includes us writing up some conceptual brand experiences that are simple to deliver without cost impacts.

From the very first touch point with your brand all the way to the point of re-order – this module ensures a cohesive customer journey.

Infrastructure – Kartra /Full Shopping Cart Configuration

Our team will configure and set up a scalable cloud server and infrastructure to power your new funnel and website shopping cart. This server will offer speed, performance, and SEO tuning. We will also configure an SSL certificate, a dedicated IP address as well as a staging environment for future design and development iterations.

VWA will handle the DNS configuration (Domain Mapping & Routing) as well as the creation of any required sub-domains. A professional marketing SAAS solution and environment are essential to peak marketing performance.

Our solution meets specific criteria and a rigorous performance checklist to offer you the highest quality marketing automation, attribution, segmentation, and marketing performance available today.

On-Page Optimization & Funnel Design

VWA will design your funnel from start to finish. Every touch point will drive value to your audience until they convert and then attract other similar customers through a meaningful referral system. The funnel assets include lead magnet design and development, landing pages, opt-in forms, email auto sequences, and segmentation among others.

Funnel marketing is one of the most powerful things you can invest in for your business. Few fully understand how to properly set up and configure funnels but the ones who do – or who hire a professional agency for this service – are enjoying immense success with these proven tactics and tools.

It’s not enough to simply understand the tools and how to use them – it takes a special touch and an experienced group of marketers to make you an industry leader.

You can have the best operations, the best capital, the best team – but if you don’t dominate at marketing your brand and products – you won’t take that coveted #1 spot in your industry.

Our goal is to collaborate with you in an effort to take you all the way to #1. This module includes the production of on-page SEO, which is the practice of optimizing individual web pages in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines.

On-page refers to both the content and HTML source code of a page that can be optimized to effectively speak the search engine’s language, resulting in the best chance of ranking for your brand’s most lucrative keywords.

We’ll configure and launch an adroll re-targeting campaign as part of this module. Please ask for more detail about Adroll and why re-marketing is so powerful.

Re-targeting is the tactic of advertising to lapsed users who already have been on your site or well after the conversion takes place. Also known as re-marketing, this technique is popular because a user’s previous intent often makes them more likely to convert than new users, which aids in recapturing marketing dollars.

Front End Dev / CRO (conversion rate optimization)

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is essential for companies that want to maximize their digital marketing efforts. CRO involves analyzing, testing, and refining website elements designed to convert visitors into customers.

By continually optimizing the strategies used, websites can become more effective at delivering results such as sales and signups.

This helps companies improve on their ROI while also creating a better experience for their visitors. Therefore, it’s critical that businesses prioritize CRO when developing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy in order to stay competitive.

Platform Breakthrough’s / Profit Prove Up

Vegas Web Agency will help your company break into new channels by configuring marketing campaigns, measuring the traffic, and optimizing visitors for conversion.

We will start with one of the big native ad systems, then work into social media. This process is very time-consuming but the rewards are immense.

Think of this as your marketing on auto-pilot, constantly looking for new opportunities to exploit and drive profit while creating awareness. Channels get saturated and sometimes it makes sense to just dominate a couple of channels when you find they work.  Other times, you have to explore several channels to see which one is the most effective and profitable.

VWA will handle this across the web for your company and best of all, once we reach a breakthrough – we’ll share a detailed report with you that shows CAC, CPA, CPC, conversion rate, SWOT analysis on the platform, risks and churn, plus more.

Technology Plan and Marketing Playbook

Once we discover the most effective channels and strategies, Vegas Web Agency will document a detailed marketing playbook so you can leverage it moving forward. What good will all of this marketing magic and breakthroughs be if we can’t repeat them?

This marketing playbook will be created exclusively for your company. Along with the marketing playbook will be a tech plan that includes all the systems and logins, organized in one neatly held document.

We call this the “hit by a bus” plan. Your business and marketing will be able to continue operating, regardless of who is at the helm of your online ads, funnels, and websites.

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